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Do Facebook Likes & Tweets Affect SEO Rankings?

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So lately we've all been hearing about new updates from Google, crazy names like Farmer and Panda. Alot of people have also been screaming about ranks that are dropping, some people even got de-indexed.

This really upset me as it kind of turned the whole SEO game on its head. Here I am, banging out article after article, trying to get my websites to rank better and now it almost seems like its working in reverse?!

So I started doing some research, started talking to a few guys that I know are always on the cutting edge, I also watched a few videos from Google's Matt Cutts. What I found in these videos is some serious insights as to the direction that google is going with their algorythm.

Now, Matt Cutt's doesn't come right out and tell you exactly how their algorythm works, but if you read between the lines you can pick up some great info. Matt's goal is to convince you to create great content and a valueable user experience for your surfers. He trys his best to convince you that the algorythm can not be figured out.

Well, when you read between the lines you start realizing that there are indeed new ranking factors that Google is taking into account when creating their SERPS. He has mentioned something called 'social signals', that really got my attention. He says that Google does now infact take into account things like how many times your url has been shared on facebook, how many times its been tweeted about on Twitter as well as if people are Digging your website on Digg and Stumbling your website on Stumbleupon. With Digg, Twitter, Facebook & Stumbleupon being 4 of the most popular websites on the internet it only makes sense that the big G pay attention to what people are talking about on these networks.

The Case Study

So, I set out to do some testing. I wanted to test these social signals and see if I could influence my ranking position by just getting abunch of Diggs & Stumbles to my website. I used 3 different domains, all newer websites with out any other SEO done to them. I wanted to be sure of the results, so I tried to keep the test as clean & scientific as possible.

What I found was that with Diggs only, I was able to take a site that wasnt ranking at all (not in the top 200) all the way up to 25th, with just about 150 Diggs. The second url I got Stumbled 500 times and sure enough, my rank increased to 45th. The 3rd url I used both methods, both Diggs & Stumbles, and this is where the magic happened, my page shot up to the 15th position, with out anything else being done! This was the proof I was looking for, I could now pursue this further and really mess with Google.

Now, we all know that anchor texted backlinks are one of the best ways to push your website up in the SERPS, but lately (especially after Farmer & Panda) it seems like backlinks by themselves have lost a bit of their oomph. They are still very important and are still a major factor in ranking well, but Google is looking for something a little more. As a general rule of thumb I still like to use backlinks as the main part of my SEO strategy, but more and more im adding in Social SEO to my routihne. Google wants to be sure that your site realy is popular, and that those links are genuine and were not created artificially.

I wanted to combine a trusted & proven linking method called link pyramids with this new Social Signal stuff and see what would happen. I created another test with another newer domain very similar to the domains I used in the previous tests, I did the Digging and the Stumbles as well as some linking pyramids, but I also got my friends to like my site on Facebook as well as encourage them to retweet the tweets I had made about the website.

If you don't know what link pyramids are then let me explain. Alot of the time you are building backlinks, alot of them don't even get indexed by Google, this means that all your hard work and effort into building backlinks is being 100% wasted. If google doesnt know about the link then you will not get credit for it, its as simple as that.

So when you backlink your backlinks the chance of your links getting indexed increases exponentially as well as the fact that your backlinks are now receiving link juice from their own backlinks. This is a technique used by the top SEO's who are owning the top 10 ranks in Google.

The Conclusion

So I went ahead and combined my link pyramids with the Social Signals and couldn't wait to see some movement in the SERPS. The first couple days went by and the website still wasnt in the top 200, I was getting a bit nervous and started to think maybe I had overdone it, but I figured I'd let it be and give it a few more days. Sure enough, 7 days after the links & social signals went live my page shot up to 17th. I thought ok, not bad, but I was expecting more. 7 more days went by and then it happened, my page flew up into the top 10 at #7, woohoo! Now this wasn't a super hard keyword, but its definitely worth something, Ive already made a handful of sales from this single rank.

The Manual Solution

So, I know what you are thinking, how the heck am I going to Digg my website a whole bunch of times, as well as get these Stumbles, Retweets, Facebook Likes, and link pyramids? that sounds like a lot of work.

First off, it IS alot of work, making money online is not easy, but its definitely doable. The one and only reason I've now been successful as an internet marketer is because I never gave up and kept working at it, eventually you develop a feel for it. Experience is huge in this business.

Now, the easiest way to make your site naturally attract diggs, tweets, facebook likes and other social signals is to have top notch quality content. I know you have heard it before, but stop and think about this, NO ONE gets rich pumping out crap content with little to no repect for the surfer. Atleast, not anymore. Google is way too smart for that garbage. You need to think about each and every surfer that comes to your website, embed videos, use good quality graphics, and provide real value to your surfers.

So now that we covered that, lets talk about all the cool places you can publish new content for free. All you need to do is create acccounts at the places below. Publish content on these sites and for the first 7-10 sites link back to your money site, then with the others link to the live urls that you just created. Theres no real special way to link just make sure you are linking in a pyramid so you are passing link juice down towards your money site.

Now that you have your backlink pyramids live you need to add some digg, stumble, tweet and facebook like buttons to your website (not the pyramid pages). Just go here http://www.serprockets.com/socialbuttons.txt and cut and paste that code into your website. This will add all the appropriate buttons.

Now its time to get your social signals working, first and foremost, hit all those buttons yourself, then encourage your friends on facebook to do the same. If you have Skype or MSN Messenger or another IM client, hit up all your family and friends on there as well and get them to like and digg your website. If your content is truly unique and creative others will follow suit.

The Automated Solution

Now if you find that you need a little more help pushing your website in the right direction, don't worry, Ive built up a fairly large network of people who want to like and digg and stumble awesome content. My team will build your link pyramids, digg, stumble, retweet, google +1 & facebook like your page, all on autopilot.

I have put together a 100% complete SEO package that includes:

  • Articles
  • Link Pyramids
  • Social Signals
  • Blog Network Posts

As well as a host of tricks that get your backlinks indexed quickly. If you want to harness the power of backlinks & social signals and actually start rising in the SERPS, then check out my SERP Rocket SEO Package right here, its got everything you need: SerpRockets.com

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